Business Expense by iNGINE is an innovate yet simple travel expense management app developed by small business owners with small business owners in mind.


Our primary objective is to empower small businesses with a powerful yet affordable tool to simplify your travel expense management process. 


We realize that when it comes to travel expense management solutions, there are many to choose from.  However, we sincerely believe that our solution uniquely addresses the issues that small business owners face.  Not only is the app inexpensive, it’s robust and built on Microsoft’s Azure platform, boasts exceptional cloud security.


Our clients are able to quickly capture critical data for expense management process thereby allowing the user to get reimbursed quicker and more efficiently.






Business Expense by iNGINE is so robust that enterprise level clients with complex organization structures and project billing requirements will find this to be the solution of choice.  No company is too large or too small for Business Expense by iNGINE.


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