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Efficient church communication tool &
in-app sermon live steaming in one place

Churches must find a way to connect with members outside of regular church services.


However, the idea of creating an app can be overwhelming. Many churches, especially smaller ministries simply don’t have the budget for such an investment.

The Intelligent Church App was developed by a pastor who understands the benefits technology can bring to ministries without breaking the bank. The Intelligent Church App can become your own platform to communicate, connect and stream, with your branding, your logo & your color scheme all for an affordable monthly price. 

With our Intelligent Church App, you have two platform options to engage your church membership: Intelligent Church Collaboration App & Intelligent Church Streaming App.



Communicate with your congregation in a digital way. The Intelligent Church Collaboration App allows you to stay in touch with your community in one platform. Whether it’s communicating through a group chat, sharing posts, uploading photos/videos, or posting status updates, you’ll have a one-stop shop platform that makes collaborating easy. Enjoy the convenience of sharing photos & video, and taking sermon notes all in one place.

exclusive features include:

  • Group chat & messaging

  • Media Sharing

  • Post Status Updates

  • Sermon Notes


Take your live events to the next level with our live streaming church App! Avoid the hassle of live streaming on alternative platforms, and reap the benefits of our built-in streaming capabilities. Your live streaming video will load right in the app, and users are able to watch, donate, and remain an important part of your church’s community - from wherever they may be.

exclusive features include:​​

  • In-app streaming

  • Video On-Demand

  • A platform you own - avoid the hassle of

  • streaming through social media platforms

key features

exclusive collaboration app features

in-app chat capability 

Whether you want to communicate with your entire congregation or create a designated group, our chat capability allows you to stay connected and communicate effectively.

interactive post feed

Whether it’s a status, an announcement or reminder, the interactive post feed will allow all of your church members to stay connected.

video/photo upload

Host all of your media in one place! With the Intelligent Church Collaboration App, you’ll have access to unlimited photo and video uploads. Church members with access to the App are able to upload and download content at any time.

sermon series functionality

Allow your members to download your sermon outline, take freestyle notes and return to the app later to listen to the audio or watch the video of the message.

Exclusive streaming app features

live streaming

Live streaming made easy for you. Avoid the hassle of streaming through alternative social platforms. With our platform you are able to stream live sermons at your convenience.

Video on demand library 

Our extensive Video on Demand Library feature will allow your congregation to access sermons old and new.

shared features

calendar of events

Keep members informed about everything that’s happening within your ministry with both a List view & Month view options. Members can also opt to receive reminders and RSVP for any event if enabled.

share links & resources

Share links with your church members through our Custom Link Sharing capability. Sharing a direct link will allow your members to stay connected.

receive donations & payments

Allow your members to donate, pay registration fees for upcoming events, purchase items, and much more! All from the convenience of their phone or tablet, anywhere, anytime.

Our app comes with a default payment solution or you can add as many additional payment solutions that you may choose (i.e. PayPal, Square, CashApp, etc.)

push notifications

Use push notifications and in-app messaging when your community just has to know what’s going on. Don’t let your communication get lost or ignored in an email or newsletter. Send alerts instantly.


Are you looking for an App that’s customized to fit your specific needs?

We can certainly assist you in creating your vision. Please reach out to support@iconnect365.com for more information.


For an added cost, you’ll be able to mix and match App features.


Let’s say you love the functionality of our Collaboration App, but also would like to integrate features of our Streaming App. Build a fully customized App that includes collaboration and streaming features right at your fingertips. Looking to bundle the collaboration & streaming App features? For an additional $500, you can customize our collaboration App, and add-in streaming capabilities.

At the end of the day, you’re the expert! Let us build an App that works for you and your church.

We’ll help you create a mobile App that’s 100% customizable to your needs!








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