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Admin Features

How do I add new members to my app?

Members can be added to the app from one of 3 ways. 1. A member can go to the Apple or Google Play app store and search on your organization's name and download the app. Once they download the app, they'll have to complete a sign-up form which will be received by the Admin(s) of your organization. The admin would need to either accept ot deny access to the app from the app's admin control panel. 2. A member can be added by the admin via an invite. The admin would complete the member profile form in the admin panel by going to Members>>Add new member. Once the member profile is completed, the admin should select the box "email an invite to this member". The member would receive an email with instructions to download the app on their local device with their password. 3. A member can be added by providing the iOS or Google links of the app. The process would work the same as if the member went to the app store directly. They would need to complete the member profile forma nd once submitted, the admin(s) would receive a notification. At that point the admin(s) could accept of deny the member request.

How do I get an app fo rmy organization?

Getting an app for your organization is pretty simple. Simply go to and complete the 30 Day Free Trial form. Once we receive your request, we'll start building your app.

User Features

How do I change my password?

In the top left corner of the app, select the Hamburger Menu Click on your profile pic Select ' Change Password' Complete change password form Select ' Save Changes'


Is there is limit to the size video that can be uploaded?

No, there is not limit to the size of video that you can upload in the Media section of the app. You should however have a reliable internet connection or your video upload may time out.

Sermon Series

How do I add a Sermon Series to my app?

To create a Sermon Series, follow the following steps.

  1. In the admin portal click Sermon>>Manage Sermon Series
  2. Click Add Sermon Series
  3. In Series Name, provide a name for your Sermon Series
  4. In Image, you can upload an image that will display in your app. This is optional.

Now that you have a sermon Series created, you can now proceed in adding a Sermon to your app.

How do I add a Sermon to my app?

In order to add a sermon to your app, you must first create a Sermon Series. Even if there will be only one (1) message in that series. Every sermon MUST be a part of a Sermon Series.

To create a Sermon, follow the following steps,

  1. In the admin portal click Sermon>>Manage Sermon
  2. In ‘Select Sermon Series’, use the drop down menu and select the series the Sermon will be a part of.
  3. In ‘Sermon Name’ give your sermon a name
  4. In ‘Sermon Scripture’ enter the scripture (optional)
  5. In ‘Sermon Speaker’ enter the speaker’s name (optional)
  6. In ‘Sermon Date’ select the date of the sermon (required)
  7. In ‘Link’ you can add a url (optional)
  8. In ‘PDF’ you can upload a pdf document (optional)
  9. In ‘Image’ you can upload an image for your sermon (optional)
  10. In ‘Audio” you can upload an audio file (optional)
  11. In ‘Video’ you can upload a video file (optional)
  12. In ‘Description’ you can enter info/abstract of your sermon message (recommended)


How do I create an event?

Events can only be created rom the Admin Portal by someone with Admin privileges. From the Admin Portal select 'Events' then select 'Manage events' Select 'Add' Enter details of event Select 'Submit'

Do I have to add a pic in order to create an event?

No, adding a pic to your event is optional.

Can an event be deleted?

Yes, an event can be deleted only by someone with Admin privileges from the Admin portal. From the Admin portal, click on Events>>Manage events Next to the event, select Delete

Can anyone create an event?

No, events can only be created by an admin from the admin portal.

Can I create an event from my mobile app?

No, events can only be created from the admin portal. You must be an admin in order to create an event.

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