Keep your members connected well after the service has ended with your own church app.  

Encourage Connection

Build Community

Enhance Collaboration


The Intelligent Church Engagement App 

Did You Know?

iOS users downloaded 25 billion apps and Android users downloaded 50 billion apps in 2015 according to Business of Apps.

Did You Know?

The average smartphone user is accessing close to 40 Apps per month  

Did You Know?

Consumers spend nearly 3 hours in apps each day on average




Churches must find a way to connect with members outside of regular church services.  However, the ideal of creating an app can be overwhelming.  Many churches, especially smaller ministries simply don't have the budget for such an investment. 


iCONNECT365 was designed by a pastor who understands the benefits technology can bring to ministries without breaking the bank.  iCONNECT365 allows you to have your own app on the Apple & Google app stores, with your branding, your logo & your color scheme all for an affordable monthly price. 


iCONNECT365 Features 

iOS & Android
Access the iCONNECT365 app on any tablet or smartphone device and never experience diminished functionality.
Build compliance policies and control access & content in your iCONNECT365 admin portal.
Custom Links
Add additional links to your app to enhance your member's experience (i.e. payment options, urls, etc.)
iCONNECT365 offers detailed reporting complete with dashboards and analytics
Rest assured that your data is secured with our comprehensive, agile platform to better protect your endpoints.
Build integrations into your organization's accounting & membership management databases.
Admin Portal
Our set-up and configuration is easy and simple.  You'll be up and running in no time.
Sync your calendar from other external sources (i.e. Google Calendar)
Unlimited Support
We have a talented and dedicated support team available to assist you at no additional costs.

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