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Efficient church communication tool & in-app sermon live streaming in one place.

The Intelligent Church App can become your own platform to communicate, connect and stream, with your branding, your logo & your color scheme all for an affordable monthly price.

The Intelligent

Mobile Engagement App 

Encourage Connection, Community & Collaboration with iCONNECT365.  There's no need for you to invest thousands of dollars in creating an app for your organization.  We've already done it.  iCONNECT365 allows you to brand with your own organization's name, logo and color scheme. 


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iCONNECT365 Features 

iOS & Android
Access the iCONNECT365 app on any tablet or smartphone device and never experience diminished functionality.
Build compliance policies and control access & content in your iCONNECT365 admin portal.
iCONNECT365 offers detailed reporting complete with dashboards and analytics
Admin Portal
Our set-up and configuration is easy and simple.  You'll be up and running in no time.
Rest assured that your data is secured with our comprehensive, agile platform to better protect your endpoints.

30 Day Free Trial

We are so confident that you’ll love iCONNECT365 that we’ll let you test drive it for 30 days with absolutely no obligation or credit card required.  Your trial comes with no diminished functionality so you’ll get an opportunity to see the full range of benefits.

Select your organization type and discover how iCONNECT365 is a perfect fit! 

Churches, Denominations, Faith-based Communities, Ministries, Para Church Organizations, etc.
Conferences & Special Events
Homeowners Associations
Professional Business Associations & Societies
family reunions.png
Family Reunions
Interest Clubs/Groups
Non-profit Organizations
Schools & Universities
Sports Clubs/Teams
And so many more member based organizations or groups...

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