Keep your family connected before, during and after your Family Reunion with your own family app.  


Planning a Family Reunion?  Do it with iCONNECT365 for Family Reunions

Planning a Family Reunion can be a challenging task.  You've got to somehow plan and coordinate with family members across the country. Your own Family Reunion app by iCONNECT365 Family Reunion can help make it easier.  Communicate family meeting notices, publish surveys, broadcast meetings & publish payment links all within your own Family Reunion app.

Custom Links

Use our Custom Links functionality to add surveys, take family votes, receive feedback & make payments, all from the convenience of the app.


iCONNECT365 Features 

iOS & Android
Access the iCONNECT365 app on any tablet or smartphone device and never experience diminished functionality.
Build compliance policies and control access & content in your iCONNECT365 admin portal.
Custom Links
Add additional links to your app to enhance your member's experience (i.e. payment options, urls, etc.)
iCONNECT365 offers detailed reporting complete with dashboards and analytics
Rest assured that your data is secured with our comprehensive, agile platform to better protect your endpoints.
Build integrations into your organization's accounting & membership management databases.
Admin Portal
Our set-up and configuration is easy and simple.  You'll be up and running in no time.
Sync your calendar from other external sources (i.e. Google Calendar)
Unlimited Support
We have a talented and dedicated support team available to assist you at no additional costs.

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